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For years I have been a motivation junkie. I read and re-read my favorite books on personal development, I attend lectures by motivational speakers, and I listen to motivational podcasts several times a week. In fact, this week I chose one from The Ziglar Show titled Are you a motivation junkie, or action taker? ( In it, Zig Ziglar shares his well-known story of being cooked in the squat where he is referring to biscuits that get cooked before they rise and turn out very thin. He compares this to those of us who get caught in the preparation cycle and suffer from analysis paralysis and therefore never take action and rise.

How many of you can relate? Several years ago I decided to join a direct sales company. I began by researching the various companies online and eventually found one that fit what I was looking for. After signing up, I was put on a team and had a leader whose job it was to train me and to help me get started. When I was first getting started I was so afraid of messing up that I felt like I had to read everything.

I started with general books on direct sales, then went onto the company’s training manuals, then listened to every recorded training call I could find. I even called my other friends who were in direct sales and asked for tips and tricks that worked for them. Of course, this all seems well and good on the surface, but you won’t be surprised to learn that what I wasn’t doing was actually selling anything.

My phone calls to my team leader during that first year often went like this:

Me: “Today I was reading . . .” and I would go on and on about something I had read.
My Leader (trying to be patient and helpful): “That’s great. But you need to stop reading and just do it. You will learn it as you go. You are ready. You know everything you need to know to get started. You just need to do it.”

She was so wise and has had a successful career in sales as a result. Once I got going and started taking action and stopped entertaining myself with all of the “important research and studying” I was doing, I actually started making money. I messed up a few times along the way, but each time, I learned something new and moved on. A few times I even slipped back into the comfort of reading rather than doing, but always pulled myself out again.

We all have to remember that we have to take action in order to rise. Unless you do something with the knowledge you have, what good is it? By ingesting a ton of information but never taking action, we remain flat, one-dimensional, and not very useful.

Let’s choose to rise together today. I know we can do it! Trust that you know everything that you need to know to take motivating action today. Get started, go do something positive, and come back and tell me what you did.


4 thoughts on “Positive Entertainment

  1. I remember this so well! Thanks for sharing it with others who may have the same tendencies – very reassuring that we are not alone! I loved coaching you and you were a faster learner than you give yourself credit! Miss our weekly calls! I just contributed to a book with 22 other authors – all stories of people overcoming obstacles in their lives – I would love to offer a free digital copy of the book to your readers! Just pop on my blog and enter your email address for a free sampler of the book – I will follow up with you!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for everything you taught me! My hope with this blog is to encourage and inspire others to take action just as you did for me. I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Loved this post, I can totally relate! I’m a Learner by nature, it’s one of my strengths, but because of my love for information I can often fall into the trap of absorbing rather than doing. The balance of feeding my mind and exercising my skills is a struggle.

    Thank you for putting your own experience into words and connecting with those of us who go through the same things!

    1. Rachel, thank you for your comment! I’m so glad I’m not alone in the struggle for balance between learning and doing! There is one area in my life where I actually have been combining learning and doing pretty successfully. I like to exercise in the morning and when I do I either read if I’m on the treadmill or listen to podcasts if I’m not. That way I’m feeding my desire to learn and know as much as I can and staying fit and healthy at the same time. When do you find time to feed your desire for knowledge?

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