I Am Strong; I Am Powerful

“I have the power to make things better or worse and the choice is mine.” – The Ziglar Show

Read and re-read the quote above and let it sink in. I have the power. The choice is mine. The weight of those words is heavy, and sometimes I don’t feel strong enough to handle them. There are days when I’d rather let life just happen to me and not have to make any decisions, make any choices, and just take things on for better or worse. Who’s with me?

We can pretend we’re on a raft, drifting in the nice, calm, tropical, beautiful ocean and just see where the breeze takes us. We can close our eyes and drift and meditate and think great thoughts and soak in the warm sunshine. We can dream and just be and not have a care in the world.

Are you relaxed, or are you hyperventilating, just reading that? I love visualization, meditation, and relaxation, but they have a time and a purpose. It’s wonderful to take time to just float and to think and to be calm, but those moments are meant to prepare us for the power we have to wield and the choices we have to make when the waves come and the seas are no longer calm.

Luckily, we are strong beyond our imagination. When we exercise our strength and our power we have to remember, our actions can make things better, or they can make things worse. We choose; we decide. But just like everything else in life, motivating positive action, takes practice. If you’re just getting started, or you’ve been stuck in place for a while, just start small.

Do one small thing today that will make your day better – eat eggs for breakfast instead of a doughnut, exercise for 20 minutes instead of scrolling through your social media, get up from your desk and go for a 10 minute walk outside instead of going to the break room to gossip. Then tomorrow, do one small thing that will make someone else’s day better. Hold the door open for the person behind you, smile and say hello as you pass a stranger on the sidewalk, or ask your co-worker about their plans for the holidays.

Each time you choose to use your power to take positive action, your strength grows. Those small actions lead to medium size actions, and those grow and grow until you are strong enough to make the big choices that you face. You will find yourself in new places and new spaces surrounded by and filled with positivity and strength.

You will get to a point when you’ll look back in wonder at how you ended up here – in such a great place – so happy, successful, and fulfilled. And baby, you will know. It was you. You got yourself here. You are STRONG. You are POWERFUL. And it started with one small positive action.

What one thing will you do today to make your day better? What will you do tomorrow?

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  1. My favorite line “Each time you choose to use YOUR POWER to take positive action, your strength grows.” Thank you for the reminder we all power, no matter how strong we feel at the time, and it’s a choice whether or not to exercise it.

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