Get your Butt out of the Rut!

Taking action can feel hard. It’s so much easier to sit in the When and Then Rut and talk yourself out of taking any action at all. For example, when it’s warmer, then I’ll get outside to exercise more. When we have more money, then we will get the repairs made on the house. When I’ve been at work for a year, two years, three years, then I’ll take my family on a great vacation, I just need to get settled in first. When we have enough money saved then we’ll think about having a baby because we want to be responsible and able to support a child.

The problem with these when and then statements is that once we get to the “when” in the equation, so often, we’ve already replaced it with another when and we never reach the “then”. So the temperatures have warmed up, but we’re still not getting out to exercise. Or, we save up some money for repairs on the house, but then our kids join a new sport and our savings are gone. How about after we’ve been at our job 3 years and we still haven’t taken that vacation because each new project at work keeps sabotaging our plans. And let’s just face it, it would take a really long time to save the $233,000 they say it now costs to raise a child.

As comfortable as the When and Then Rut feels, we need to get out of it! We need to jump the tracks, make a break, and get our butts in gear!

We need to stop saying when and simply start doing. We have to stop telling ourselves and others what we’re going to do and just start doing it. I am so guilty of this! I tell people quite often what I am going to do. A few months ago, I told a friend, “I’m going to start subbing and I’m going to start a blog THIS WEEK.” Guess which one of those I did that week? Neither one. Nike wasn’t kidding when they said, Just Do It!

That’s what Motivating Action is all about. Taking positive action, motivating others to do the same, and creating a snowball effect where all of us are getting shit done. I’m certain that taking action gets easier and easier the more we do it. Just like a muscle, we need to use it – practice, exercise, repeat, and we will get stronger and better and before we know it, taking action won’t be hard at all. It will just be what we do. Here I am, three months later, and I’ve subbed 6 times and I have a blog! I’m doing it! I stopped talking about when I was going to do it and just went ahead and did it.

Three years from now, when we look back, I’m certain we will realize that sitting in the When and Then Rut wasn’t that easy after all. It was uncomfortable, boring, uninspiring, and stressful. Taking action, on the other hand, is empowering, exciting, motivating, and invigorating. Life isn’t about sitting in a rut, it’s about seeing and doing and loving and changing and moving and growing.

What have you been talking about doing but not getting done? What can you do today to get yourself out of the When and Then Rut?

2 thoughts on “Get your Butt out of the Rut!

  1. Great blog Alexandra! You are one of the most motivated people I know, and it is good to know that we all share the same dilemma with taking the first step!

    Congrats on your first blog entry! I’m looking forward to more.

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