Recipe for Fitness

A 1st Grader’s Cautious Tale

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been busy doing a lot of substitute teaching the last couple of weeks and I absolutely love it! In fact, I wish I’d started subbing years ago. I love the flexibility, working with the kids, learning from the wonderful teachers and staff at the school, and getting a glimpse into my daughter’s day at school. Though I’ve only subbed at the elementary school so far, I look forward to spying on, I mean subbing at my sons’ middle school as well.

There is rarely a dull moment when subbing in an elementary school, and the things that come out of the kids’ mouths so often has me chuckling. My favorite today was a first grader who came in from recess and told me the following – this is an excerpt from the conversation that actually lasted much longer with lots of additional information before and after from this verbose student who I can only guess will grow up to be a lawyer or a politician:

1st Grader – “I fell in a puddle and was cautious.”
Me – “You fell in a puddle at recess?”
1st Grader – “Yes. Feel my pants. They’re wet. I fell in and I was cautious and Sam* helped pull me out.”
Me – “Yes, I can see your pants are a little wet.” (As an aside, he wasn’t nearly as wet as many of the other kids I have seen this week with all of the melting snow, which had me doubting his story a bit.) So Sam helped pull you out? That was nice of him.”
1st Grader – “Yes. But I was cautious.”
Me – “You were cautious?”
1st Grader – “Yes. My face was in the water and I was cautious.”
Me – (Looking carefully at his perfectly dry face and hair.) “Your face got wet?”
1st Grader – “Yes! I was cautious and Sam helped pull me out!” (Somewhat exasperated at this point)
Me – “You were cautious? Do you know what cautious means?”
1st Grader – (Now looking a bit unsure.)
Me – “Cautious means careful. Were you being careful?”
1st Grader – “I . . . was. . . un-cautious with my face in the puddle!”
Me – “Ohhh, do you mean unconscious?”
1st Grader – (Very matter of factly) “Yes. I was unconscious**!”
Me – “Oh. Well thank goodness Sam was there to pull you out!”

*Name was changed
**Child was checked out to make sure he was OK, which he was. 🙂

Now that you have a smile on your face, here’s today’s Recipe for Fitness, focusing on your arms and abs: (Set your Tabata Timer app for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, and 20 cycles)

[recipe title=”Recipe for Fitness Two” time=”20 mins”]


  • Tricep Dips
  • Side Plank
  • Push Ups
  • Frog Sit-Ups
  • Windshield Wiper Abs


  • Jump Rope
  • Moving High Knees
  • Moving Butt Kickers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees

Repeat Strength and Cardio


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