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Focus on the Routine

Though it seems I’ve abandoned Motivating Action in the last month, I have a great excuse – I’ve been too busy taking action! My husband and I have been super busy, stressed, and excited because we have finally found an existing small business to buy! Yay! As we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, it hasn’t left much time for me to sit down at the computer to type, though I’ve written many posts in my head. The process of buying a business is completely foreign to us, so you can imagine how overwhelmed we have felt. That and the fact that this business is in a totally different part of the country mean that many changes lie ahead for our family.

Change can be hard for so many reasons. While I was working out this morning, I was thinking about the big changes we will have to make this year, and it naturally made me feel a little anxious. All of the What If’s began creeping into my mind and my worry gene, passed on with loving apprehensionĀ from my mom, kicked into high gear. But as I continued my work out, I began to tame my worry by focusing on what won’t change.

First, even in a new location, our family’s morning routine won’t change. I will wake up, make lunches, wake up the kids, help them get breakfast, and do everything I can to help ensure we all get a good, positive start to the day. Second, no matter where we are, I will do my 20 minutes of exercise. Those 20 minutes each day help to keep me centered and healthy, and provide a sense of accomplishment that energizes me throughout the day. Third, we will continue to sit down as a family to eat dinner together every night we can. (If you have little kids and are struggling to stay sane while sitting down for meals together, hang in there! I promise you, it will get much better and is totally worth it!) Finally, I will read to our daughter every night before bed for as long as she wants me to and turn off the boys’ light when they go to bed.

As we anticipate and prepare to leave our extended family, our friends, our home and neighbors, and all that we are familiar with, we can only hope to ease into our new surroundings by focusing on the routines that will remain unchanged. As you do today’s workout and go about your day, think about what routines you and your family have that would remain unchanged even with a change in your surroundings. I can only think, that those routines that further provide a feeling of stability are what my family and yours, will rely on to get us through all of life’s changes.


[recipe title="Recipe for Fitness Four" time="20 mins"]


  • Sumo Squats with Weights
  • Reverse Lunges with Weights
  • Leg Lifts – Standing – Alternating legs
  • Donkey Kicks with weight tucked behind knee
  • Side Curtsy Lunge – Alternating sides


  • Run 2 minutes @ 2.5%
  • Sprint 1 minute @ 5%
  • Run 2 minutes @ 3 %

Repeat Strength then Cardio



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