What’s Your BHAG?

Holy smokes! It’s been quite a whirlwind of events the last couple of months and that’s meant no time spent writing for this mama. Since I wrote my last blog post, we bought an existing franchise, went to a week long training, sold our house, bought a new house, moved our family 1101 miles, left all our friends and family behind, and thankfully have begun making new friends. My husband has been working crazy hours learning how to run the business while I run our kids around to new summer activities and try to do some sales for our business as well. Our lives are quite different than they were, though exactly as we planned.

More than five years ago, Kevin and I imagined how we wanted our lives to look and then wrote down our goals. For some time they were tacked up to our bulletin board in our kitchen. We never stopped talking about those goals. . . live somewhere warm, with great schools, near golf courses, and own a business. Many of you have heard of BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) before, and for us, those definitely fit that description.

For us, making a BHAG took courage. Once we had it worked out in our minds, we wrote it down. Then we talked about it and began to plan it out. Then we started talking to other people about it, which took more courage. Because as you know, not everyone is going to support your BHAG, but that’s OK. And once we told people our big goal, we felt an added pressure to actually reach it, which was important. No one was holding us accountable, so the added pressure, though only perceived, was instrumental in helping us reach it.

This move across the country, this gigantic leap of faith, this BHAG we’re living out, began as a thought. And just as Napoleon Hill encourages in his book, Think and Grow Rich, we wrote down that thought. Then we planned, and today we are putting that plan into action. We are just an average family, but 2017 is not an average year.

Here we are today, living out our BHAG, and you can too! Take your dream, write it down, and start making plans. It’s time for us to write out our next BHAG. Are you ready to write yours down too? Share your BHAG in the comments below and let us help you reach it!

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