North Vs. South

Running – North vs. South

I love to run, I mean, I like to run. Rather, I like how I feel when I get done running. And therefore I run. I’m mainly a fair weather runner, and when we lived in WI I logged many miles indoors on my treadmill because it wasn’t quite running weather in my opinion. Occasionally, though, I’d lace up my shoes even when it was chilly just to break up the monotony of running inside. This morning as my feet were hitting the pavement, I began thinking of the differences between running here in GA and running up north in WI. Here’s what I came up with:

The Preparation:

In the North: How many layers do I need? One, two, or three? Should I wear pants or capris? Do I need mittens? Should I cover my ears? Do I need to wear something over my mouth? I better stretch, I’m pretty stiff.

In the South: What is the least amount of clothing I can wear and still be appropriate? Is 40 too old to be running in booty shorts and a sports bra? Will these shorts hide the booty sweat so I don’t look like I peed? I need to put on sunscreen so I don’t get skin cancer. Wow, I feel so loose I don’t even need to stretch!

The Run:

In the North: Holy smokes is it cold! My hands and ears are so cold they’re burning! Is it safe to be breathing this hard through a scarf? Wow, I can’t breathe. I better take the scarf off. Mmmm, the air smells crisp, like Christmas. Too bad it’s April. Now my hands are sweating. I’ll just take the mittens off. Can you get frostbite on your hands when they’re sweating? Ewwww! I swallowed a mosquito. How are there mosquitoes when it’s this cold out? Can you get West Nile Virus from swallowing a mosquito? I’ll have to Google it. How much longer do I have to run? Am I done yet?

In the South: Holy smokes is it hot! I can barely breathe with this humidity. Mmmm, the air smells earthy and flowery and a little bit like a sewer, or is that the salt marsh? I hope it’s the marsh. There’s so much more oxygen here at sea level, so why am I breathing so hard? All that oxygen is probably really good for me. I bet I’m getting healthier and smarter just by breathing it. Oh my goodness! I just ran through a cobweb that probably had a scary spider of death on it that is probably crawling on me right now. AHHHHH! Oh Lord, I hope no one saw me do the freak out spider dance! It’s probably laying its eggs in me right now! Can I make it home to call 911, or should I knock on someone’s door so I don’t die? Maybe it was just a cobweb. I don’t feel anything crawling on me. My freak out spider dance probably got it off of me. How much longer do I have to run? Am I done yet?

Scary spider of death

Post Run:

In the North: Thank God I’m done. I feel so good! It is so hard peeling off these layers! I guess I’ll throw them right in the washer since all these layers nearly fill up a whole load. Wow, I’m actually sweating on this first layer! I’ll just re-hydrate with a glass of ice water. Oh my goodness I’m freezing. Oh no, now I’m cramping up! OK, stretch it out. Stttrrreeettcch it out. OK now I need to get in the hot shower so I can stop shivering.

In the South: Thank God I’m done. I feel so good! Holy smokes am I sweating! I didn’t know that I could sweat this much. I actually have sweat running into my, oh never mind. I feel so loose. I should stretch just to see how flexible I am now. I can reach right past my toes! I’ll just re-hydrate with a gallon of ice water. If only I could sit down, but I don’t want to get the chair/couch/carpet all sweaty. I guess I’ll just walk around until I stop dripping with sweat. One hour later. . . well I can’t wait any longer to take a shower. Maybe a cold shower will cool me off. I’ll just hang my booty shorts and sports bra to dry before they go in the hamper. It will be a week before I have a full load.

And there you have it. Running is definitely different here in the south than it was in the north. I’d love to hear how it’s different where you live. Let me know in the comments below.



3 thoughts on “Running – North vs. South

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I love this! I’m in MN and I know exactly what you’re talking about. Layers? 7? Sure! Will my ears feel like they’re being punched by a kangaroo once I’m done? Oh, the fronts of my legs are all tingly for 8 hours after the run. Fannnnntastic.

  2. What a fun article!!! Thanks for taking me through you thoughts as you ran and making me laugh! I’ve never been a runner, but just moved and am surrounded by runners. So, I gave it a go and actually liked it. I’m in UT and pretty sure I can get both of your experiences here – except it’s a dryer heat here. So far, I’ve just felt the “dripping with sweat in places I didn’t know could sweat” feeling😄

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