It’s Still Warm. . . Meanwhile in Georgia. . . is our family’s story about moving from the blustery winter cold of Wisconsin to the sunny, steamy warmth of southern Georgia. Once upon a time we were a family of five living in Wisconsin, freezing our buns off, living near our relatives. My husband and I hated the cold, dreary, unpredictable WI weather and often wished we had been born somewhere else so we wouldn’t feel like we had to live there. One day it hit us and we realized that we could actually move out of Wisconsin. We had actually seen one or two other families do it and we figured, why not us?

We started dreaming, we set some goals, we continued to travel south when we could, and we laid down tentative plans. It wasn’t all smooth sailing – a lost job, not knowing what to do next, and the decision to purchase a business, which we’d never done before, all made for uncertain times. Our kids didn’t want to move, our families and friends begged us not to and several offered to kidnap keep our children. It wasn’t easy leaving, but big changes often aren’t. We had been stuck in a pleasant rut for a long time – great friends, house, neighborhood. Like a warm bed on a cold morning, it was almost too cozy to leave.

We often wondered why we would even want to rock the boat. But the south kept calling our names. Every time we visited we looked around and thought, all of these people get to live here, not just visit for a week or two. Why can’t we be those people. So we researched businesses to buy, decided to concentrate our search in the southeast, and one day we stumbled upon a . . . window cleaning company. What?!

The business totally came out of left field. Was it even for real? Could you make money cleaning windows? Can we learn how to clean windows? Were just a few of the questions we asked ourselves. But ultimately, after discovery day at the franchise headquarters, lots of number crunching, and hours and hours of research, debate, and prayer, we decided to purchase the a window cleaning franchise servicing Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC. Two places we had visited and enjoyed and only dreamed of living in.

Our life isn’t super fancy, or glamorous, but our life today is one we used to only dream about and now get to live. We all still miss our friends and all our extended family, but we are in love with the weather.  I feel like the south has given me a whole new outlook on life.

If you read some of the old posts, you’ll see this blog started as something else entirely, but here we are today. I expect that it will continue to grow and change as time and life goes on.

It’s Still Warm is actually a quote. On my first trip to the local grocery store, when I walked out with a young employee pushing my cart, I surprisingly said, “Oh, it’s still warm!” It was the end of May in Georgia and he rightly looked at me like I was crazy. And I keep saying it. I walk outside in the morning, and it’s still warm. I leave our friends’ house at 10pm at night and it’s still warm. And the thing about it is, I love it.

It’s Still Warm isn’t all about the great weather, though. It’s about being a mom to two teens and a tween, a wife to my middle-school sweetheart, a new business owner, a woman committed to fitness, and a semi-apologetic addict to sweets. It’s about leaving home and friends and family and discovering the path to new relationships. It’s about the differences between life in WI and life in GA. And finally, it’s about new adventures, new experiences, and new joys. If you, too, are feeling stuck in the cold, join me here, where I’ll always be surprised, It’s Still Warm.